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Today marks my mom’s 60th birthday but i can’t seem to stop flashing back to her 55th. She had just thrown my dad a surprise 60th party and I couldn’t help but notice the trouble she went through making our birthdays special each year. She never even missed a single event for me or my 3 siblings. And yet, i’m embarrassed to admit her birthday was always kept small. She never asked for anything and a party in her honor wouldn’t have even crossed her mind but out of all of us she deserved it most. Despite the confusion of “why not wait til her 60th?” I insisted we send out invites and make it happen. It was the first family party i ever organized and somehow we pulled it off. And now, 5 years later, i can’t stop thinking of how glad i am i didn’t let anyone dissuade me from celebrating the point in time we were in. Today, i wear a piece of her around my neck. I see her picture in every direction. She is with me always and yet so unbelievably far away. Everything i pass stirs up memories and conversations i want so badly to have. There are moments I almost forget she’s gone only to be met with the crushing realization time and time again. If you can take anything from this view into our lives, don’t wait until 60. Don’t wait for anything. Celebrate the moment you are in. Celebrate whatever and whoever you feel like. Live today, don’t wait for tomorrow, because 60 is not a given. Happy birthday, mom. I love & miss you every day. ❤️#foreverfiftyeight

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