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April is officially here. A month i’ve been dreading to see since last year when it stole my favorite person. Coincidentally, it starts with a day of pranks which is perfect for the woman known for hiding fart machines and an oddly large supply of “perfume” used to stink out frienemies or cause an evacuation of her high school classroom. The irony of the day-to-day nightmares associated with colon cancer was not lost on anyone including her.

To add insult to injury on this day last year we celebrated, not only her final Easter but, her final holiday. I feel terrible that my brother and I spent the day (and subsequent weeks) arguing. Not that my point wasn’t in her best interest but, the stress took its toll on her. She took her holidays seriously. Bulk candy, tools, everything “spring” showed up in amazon boxes since she didn’t feel up to shopping in person. With the help of her sister, she organized an adult Easter egg hunt. She woke up that Sunday morning not feeling her best and her ostomy bag was filling with blood. Despite our concern and willingness to do whatever was best for her, she denied the offers to go to the ER. We were fortunate that everything resolved on its own by dinner time. She was so intent on making sure everyone else enjoyed a day to remember and she would never let cancer get in the way. I was certainly blessed call such a selfless and generous woman “mom” for 27 years but i could really use about 100 more.

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