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As most of you know, the past 2-3 years have been a terrible roller coaster and just the last 3 months have been the worst, unchartered territory of all. If you thought having a terminally ill mom was bad, i’ve found it pales in comparison to the time after, when they are physically gone. Though I definitely plan to, I haven’t started working again since I quit almost a year ago to care for her. Although my dad reminds me almost daily in a misguided effort to get me moving, “those dogs can’t be your life,” the crew deserves limitless credit in being the driving force that gets my butt moving every day - something my dad (not a huge dog person like my mom & me) will never truly understand or appreciate them for. Having recently reached an instafam of 30k, I feel it’s as good a time as ever to once again express my gratitude for the crew and how thankful I am to have had so many of you care to follow our journey. From the comments, random messages checking in, and those of you that even went so far as to send me something to get me through. I have been incredibly fortunate and despite my initial hesitation to take this account in a more personal direction, I’m so glad that I did.

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