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Grief & the Holidays

On December 1st of last year we celebrated making it 1 year since being told her illness was “terminal” with a blanket of puppies. She had survived nearly 100lb weight loss, 3 hospitalizations, the nightmare of an accidental ostomy and round after round of chemo. Her hair was somehow returning and things were looking up as she planned for Christmas and a huge cookie exchange. She really believed she was going to make it and so did we. Today she would have been anxiously ordering everything she could think of and hoarding delivery boxes under her bed. The house would have been decorated since Thanksgiving and the only thing on her mind would making sure Christmas would be special for everyone. It’s amazing what a difference one year can make. Today I decorated because i know that’s how she would want it and I’m honestly not sure what’s more depressing, acknowledging this holiday season in her absence or ignoring it. 🖤

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