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The Difference Hope Can Make

On this day last year, I organized a quick road trip to NYC for my mom to visit the Padre Pio relics. It took some time to convince her into spending hours in the car, being so far from home with an unpredictable ostomy bag that leaked constantly and navigating cities was her worst nightmare all on top of just generally feeling like shit all the time. Well, while we were waiting in line in St Patrick’s Cathedral, a woman came up to my mom out of no where and offered her one of her personal relics, blessed in Italy, sharing that it had really helped her and she believed it would help my mom as well. My mom was blown away by a strangers kindness, the fact that she, of all people, was the one the woman chose. We immediately added the relic to her chain and she wore it everyday thereafter. The trip was not stress-free but after mass we took a stroll in beautiful Central Park to meet the wonderful @leeleepatrick and @barrmarvinbynancy who brought even more joy to my mom’s trip. Although my mom was not walking much at that point, with the support of my dad and her sister making sure she didn’t get bumped, she walked an inspiring 5 blocks that day before requesting her wheelchair. By some miracle we arrived home safely with her ostomy bag in tact and my mom feeling great. Unfortunately that relic didn’t give her the clean bill of health as we would have liked but I have no doubts Padre Pio had his hand in many of the smaller, unexplainable miracles we experienced along the way. One thing I can say for sure, is that relic gave her so much hope and encouragement to keep pushing forward. 🖤

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