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Long story, short...

Growing up, I was raised in a family that truly believed "a house isn't a home without a dog." I grew up with our family's first Newfoundland, Huckleberry, who solidified our love for the breed. After Huckleberry passed away at 13, it took us many years to fathom bringing another Newfoundland into our lives. However, when it came time for me to move into our home away from home in State College, it was my mom's idea that I had a large dog to go with me. Needless to say, I didn't need any convincing and Guinness entered our lives. Fast forward, adding Murphy.. Then Skyy and Storm, then Aisling, then Oliver, then Belle... Until my mom received the devastating diagnosis of Stage IV Colon Cancer. I quit my job, put my grad school plans on hold, and became her caregiver. Between hospital stays and chemo, we worked on her dream of training the crew to be therapy dogs. We added Duncan just before she passed away changing my life forever. After taking some much-needed time to grieve, I finally fulfilled my promise to my mom by getting my Masters degree in Speech & Language Pathology. TJ & I are dedicated to making my mom's dream come true by combining our dreams with plans of incorporating the crew in speech therapy. Shortly before our wedding in November 2022, my brother passed away unexpectedly leading to our latest addition: Clover, a Pekingese who spent her first 7.5 years as a neglected puppy mill mama. I've started my clinical fellowship at a local private practice and we're anticipating the arrival of the crew's first tiny human. Life is a work in progress but we thoroughly enjoy sharing it all with you. 

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