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Aka: GF, Nurse Guinness, Gooby-Doo
LOVES: butt rubs & babies (hooman, furry & stuffed)
Has a preference for Skyy but willingly tolerates everyone else’s shenanigans.
Was named “Guinness” because it’s the favorite beer of my only brother who was opposed to us getting another dog. Her middle name “Fynn” comes from a tribute to our first Newf, Huckleberry, and a play on “Huckleberry Finn.”
Unfortunately she tends to bark at new people but never forgets anyone who provides the magic fingers for her to wiggle her butt under.
.Also, between our wonderful trainer and the countless visitors and home care nurses that were in & out of our house, we’ve mostly figured out why she barks (attention) and how to avoid it.
Will “whisper” for cookies or to remind the old bald guy to share his food.



aka Murphdawg
Photoshoots are not his favorite.
Most identifiable by his eyes.
The crew’s police officer. Nobody gets away with anything when he’s around. Known for barking incessantly when someone is doing something they’re not supposed to. Not afraid to literally throw himself in the middle of a scuffle to separate anyone that steps out of line.
Loves everyone he meets and will sit on their feet.
Incredibly intuitive and well behaved. He just knows.
Always relaxed no matter what craziness is going on around him.
Has climbed out the top of a 1st story window (which was blockaded from the inside) to get to a girl in heat.
When he doesn’t want to do something he will flop to the ground and make himself weigh a million pounds.
If you didn’t know it was him howling, you’d think a giant’s groan was echoing throughout the walls of your entire home. (It’s low key horrifying.)


aka Stormin’ Norman
Loves the grooming table, especially when i’m using the dryer
Enjoys fetch but isn’t fast enough to keep up with the girls
Tends to think he’s in charge 
Listens to Tbone better than he listens to me
Is a pretty quiet and serious doggo but turns into a mushy puddle of love for pets
Loves all people and is usually indifferent to dogs once he meets them but due to his tendencies to show dominance, i am careful about who and how I introduce him to outside dogs
Enjoys playing in the hose or laying in the baby pool 
Spins for “Tornado” and barks for “Thunder”
Does everything at his own pace
Has an excellent derp face
Contrary to popular assumptions, it is 100% coincidence that Storm & Skyy’s names seem to go together. Storm was the only one named before I decided on a theme for the litter.


aka Little Bear
Gets v excited for visitors.
Likes to jump and give kisses.
Will trot over to you, wait until she knows she has your attention and flop onto her back for belly rubs.
Hands down, my biggest talker.
Used to be an ultimate fetcher, jumping probably 4-5ft in the air and always winning the ball... but when she turned 3 she decided she wasn’t about that life anymore.
Does not like playing or laying in water unless it is a large, natural lake or ocean in which case she will swim all day long.
Named after my mom’s favorite vodka, it was my ploy for permission to keep her.
Likes to sleep curled up against me with her head on my arm.
Prefer’s active outings over relaxing ones.



aka B, Belley, Beedle
Queen of the RBF
Very sensitive
Gets annoyed by and wants to correct dogs that are acting crazy so we are working on that
Obsessed with fetch and could go all day long
Hops with all four feet off the ground when she gets excited
Not a fan of fireworks or thunder but will just go sit calmly in her crate when she hears them. (Fine with other loud noises)
Constantly tries to catch the hose water
The puppy that inspired my mom to want to start our therapy group. When we took the picture of my mom holding Belle to announce our plans, my mom didn’t have a diagnosis yet.
Loves one on one cuddle time
After Storm was born, my mom really wanted a gray female. When Belle was born, my mom called her “Silver Bell.” It was a disney themed litter so it eventually translated to “Belle.”


aka. Ash, Ling
Best hugger ever. She gently raises herself, wraps her front legs around my waist and tucks her nose under my chin.

When she sleeps in my room, she must be touching me at all times
9 times out of 10 will choose to be in her crate over laying anywhere else
While she tends to be super reserved, she’s not afraid to tell the other dogs to back off every once in awhile when she just wants her toys or attention to herself
Can usually be found fetching spikey balls with Belle
Strangely has a preference for a very specific blue spikey ball and will ignore most others
Every time she goes outside she runs around the perimeter of the yard barking at things so I let her scare the deer away
Joined our family after my mom lost her heart dog, a Cavalier named Maddie. So Ash’s full name is Aisling Madison. Aisling being an irish name meaning “dream” or “vision.”


aka Ollie
I call him my stump because he’s a perfect square but in a smaller package than my other boys
For some reason he looks like two different dogs in posed pics and pics where he’s just being Ollie. (Personally, i think natural Ollie is cuter.)
Easily my most excitable doggo
Loves meeting new people so much he just can’t help but throw himself at them
Has been obsessed with Guinness since the day they met
Sometimes hugs so tightly he needs to be peeled off
Loves his crate a lot
Anyone that so much as touches him is his “new best friend” and he won’t leave their side
Won’t fetch unless he has a clear advantage
Generally very submissive

My mom thought the saying “Olly Olly Oxen Free” was actually “Ollie Ollie Umphrey,” so “Oliver Umphrey” is his full name


aka Chay
The sweetest being you will ever meet
When you pet her she will look up at you and smile 
The only crew member that didn’t come to us as a puppy
Hands down, my biggest drooler
Incredibly easy going .
Tbone describes her as “fat & happy”
Once she experiences something new with us she becomes obsessed with it
Tbone can’t leave his tailgate up because she loves laying in the bed of his truck 
Very quiet, she only barks if the other dogs are barking.. and usually she doesn’t know why
Faster than she looks
My only toy eater
Joined our family on my parent’s first wedding anniversary after my mom died. We told my dad we were “dogsitting” and he fell in love with her
Her name is Latin for "Heaven"


aka Duncman, Dunc, Dunkey, D
Mawma’s boy
If he’s not touching me, he’s positioned to see me. If he can’t see me, he’s looking for me. When he hears me, he comes running
When he wants something, he gets it... and not always because I gave it to him
Paws anyone that stops petting him
Prefers “catch” to fetch but he’s not very good at it
My hottest mess
He is so easy going, I can take him anywhere
Loves car rides but makes me lift him into the car
The final conspiration between my mom & I. The day we brought him home she told me “Act natural and if your dad asks, tell him you're dog sitting." My mom died just over a month later and to say i needed him would be an understatement
Every once in awhile he does this weird thing where he pokes me in the butt cheek. It reminds me of my mom because one day she walked away & Guinness pranced after her and playfully nipped her in the butt.



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