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Rest in Peace Coeli

Today we should be celebrating your birthday but, instead, we’re mourning your tragic loss. The crew will never be the same. The day we met, T & I heaved our chunk into my car and couldn’t help but think - “she doesn’t know us, what if she freaked out and attacked us right now?” Turns out, the name “Coeli” could never be so fitting. The only “bad” thing she ever did was eat toys and now it kills me thinking about how the crew can have free access again. She became affectionately known as our favorite little “money pit” as, in just 2.5 years, she racked up more vet bills than the rest of the crew combined. And yet, we’d do it again 100 times over if we could. Before Chay, i had never brought home an adult dog. In the brief time she blessed us with her spirit, she not only stole our hearts but clearly left a mark on many of you and that, i think, speaks volumes.

Caring for and losing Coeli has reopened old wounds. One thing that has changed since my mom died is that i’ve found an odd peace with death. The night Coeli got sick we had to make a decision at the ER - CPR or DNR? Seeing what my mom went through the night she died, even as a DNR, made me feel like if we can die peacefully, we should. I told T i don’t think I’d even want CPR for myself in most situations. Ultimately we chose DNR. Not because we were ready to say goodbye but, because she didn’t deserve to suffer. Last night, it became evident that we had reached that point. We are heartbroken. She deserved more time. More love. More experiences to become obsessed with like truck bed sitting & eating everything in sight .

Thank you all, so much, for loving our girl. We brought her home on my parents’ first anniversary after my mom died and i have no doubts they are together now, in Heaven, where she belongs. There will never be another Chunky Chay and that’s what hurts the most.

Love you forever & always, Chay bae. 🖤

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