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Another Mother's Day Down...

Hey motherless daughters & sons, if you’re feeling bitter today - samezies. Few things suck more than Mother’s day & the weeks of sales promotions leading up to it. We all have our own special days that evoke grief throughout the year but Mother’s day is the one day we all commiserate. My first motherless Mother’s day was less than a month after losing the greatest person i’ve ever known. It didn’t take me long to realize this day would continue to feel like a slap in the face for an infinite amount of years thereafter. Don’t get me wrong, i am so happy for those who get to celebrate the mother’s that deserve it. I hope they never know this side of things. But if you’re feeling jealous or angry with every reminder that you don’t have that priceless luxury, i assure you - you’re not alone.

I wish i had some wisdom to ease the pain and maybe suggestions to honor her, but you guys, my instafam, are way better at that than I. Personally, i’m on the path of treating it like any other day but avoiding stores & social media - with the exception of sharing this gem from the vault of my horribly awkward years. Be realistic. Odds are you may not find something that makes you feel better about today and that’s okay. Tomorrow is a new day and as far away from Mother’s Day as you’re going to get.🖤

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