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How do you sum up your mom, the most influential person in your life, into a brief 3 minute speech? Two weeks ago I first expressed my wish to volunteer as tribute and my dad subsequently tried to convince either one of my older brothers to take over the job in fear that I would stand at the podium and cry for 10 minutes straight. The daunting task of having to write a eulogy that did my mom just a fraction of the justice she deserved first crossed my mind two years ago. It's a strange concept to even consider memorializing someone who is still very much alive. Yet somewhere along her journey I had began making notes of everything that made Big D the amazing woman she was. The problem is, most of those things are not exactly church appropriate. So, here I leave you with the sugar-coated version that would not get me escorted out of my own mom's funeral. Thankfully, the organist was not prepared with Oscar play-off music. (see next post)

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