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I Did It!

I DID IT!! When i quit my job to be my mom’s caregiver i promised her it wouldn’t stop me from going to grad school. I’m not sure she believed me and, truthfully, my fear of getting rejected (especially since it involved asking people to take time to write letters of recommendation) held me back for awhile. Her biggest dream for me was to be 100% self-sufficient, even if i didn’t *need* to be, and this is just a small step in that direction.

Well, today a huge weight was lifted and I received my first acceptance! I’m still teary and totally speechless. I’ve re-read the email at least 3 times to make sure i’m not mistaken, but mostly wishing i had my mom here to share the news. 🖤


I still have 8 other schools to hear from and at least 2 more interviews coming up but at least now i can breathe. 🤞

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