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One Month Later...

I’m not sure how we got through the 1st day but, here we are 4 weeks after I last got to enjoy my mom’s company. If anything, it’s a testament to our unbelievable support system. Since she passed, a lot of people have mentioned to me that my mom was fortunate to have me take the year off to be by her side but, really, I was the lucky one. Now, at the very least, every monday-tuesday I have an endless automatic replay in my head of visuals of her last 8 hours. Things I wish I had never even witnessed the first time around. (For reference, i have a phobia of any and all medical procedures so ERs are my worst nightmare.) But, even before she shook her head to indicate she wanted me transported with her, i knew there was ultimately nowhere I’d rather be than by her side. These pictures/videos are mostly ones you’ve never seen due to their lack of doggos but I want to share her true spirit and personality. The first, blurry but so “her” - holding baby Skyy bear, named for her favorite vodka, swaying & singing.. probably her go-to made-up song about being “the most beautiful girl in the world.” I’m still finding it hard to believe that my favorite person won’t be coming home. Remembering her is easy, it’s the “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve’s” and thinking of things that she’ll miss that are the absolute worst.... but we’ll get there eventually.

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