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Thank You Notes

My mom was always big on “thank you’s.” No gift was ever used unless a card had been put in the mail in return. On April 10th, the 2nd to last thing she said to me was “Kenz, say thank you.” She was referring to the doctors and nurses that worked all night to save her life. She was calm and expressionless using all her efforts to keep breathing. Then she got my attention again saying “Kenz, thank you.” Without thinking and i think subconsciously trying to get some reassurance that this wasn’t really the end, I replied like I always did when no “thank you” was necessary - “for what?” To that, she broke out of her blank stare, threw her head back, rolled her eyes and said “Oh, come on!” And that.. was the last thing my mom said to me. Not exactly the ideal final conversation but it means my mom was still there, listening to everything we told her and the last time I ever got to tick her off was one I’ll never forget. So today, 6 weeks later and a day that would have meant a trip to chemo, I brought the oncologist, PA and nurses, etc at HUPenn that supported her through 32 rounds of chemo - each lasting 46 hours - “thank you’s” and then I drew concerned looks as I cried my way through the Perelman center to my car. To make matters worse, the one concierge, who my mom had been wanting to thank for months now, wasn’t there so now I get to go back again because we don’t even know what his name is. My dad thinks I’m crazy but it’s what my mom would have done. 🤷‍♀️

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